Hello! My name is Lauren, and I’m a speech therapist working in Missouri. I work at an Early Childhood Special Education Center, so I primarily work with children aged 3-5. I also do some work at an inpatient/outpatient rehabilitation center, so I see older children and adults for speech therapy as well. I’m going to post speech therapy materials that I make and I’m going to post information about how parents can encourage speech/language skills at home. So, I hope my posts with be useful to both other speech therapists and parents. I really enjoy working with children that have apraxia or speech sound disorders, so many of my therapy materials will target sound production. I am also very interested in incorporating children’s books into therapy sessions and using shared story book reading to target speech/language skills. I would love to see your comments about any of my posts or therapy materials! I hope to write a new post a couple times each week, so please check back soon!


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