I’ve recently started using this traffic light visual for behavior management in therapy and it’s working really well. Image

I started with an empty binder so that it would be sturdy. Then I cut red, yellow, and green circles out of foam and attached them with craft glue. I used foam animal shapes that I bought from Wal-Mart and put a piece of velcro on the back of each one. I also put velcro at the bottom of the binder to store the pieces and on each light. I don’t have more than 2 kids in any of my groups, so I only put 2 pieces of velcro on each light. At the beginning of the session, each student gets to choose what animal they want to be. It’s an extra incentive to walk into the speech room and sit down because the first student that looks “ready to work” gets to choose an animal first. We start by putting both animals on the green light. Image

We talked about how green light means we are making good choices and following our rules of the speech room (generally, being kind, safe, and trying hard). If a child makes a bad choice (such as refusing to try a task), then his/her animal gets moved to yellow. Image

We talked about how the yellow light means “try again.” If the child does try again and makes a better choice, then his/her animal goes back to green. If the child does not make better choices, then the animal goes to red light and there is some sort of consequence. Usually, the child does not get a turn at whatever game we are playing. If the child’s animal is on green at the end of the session, they get a gummi bear, sticker, or extra time with my I-pad. It’s been very motivating for my students! They’ve all enjoyed getting to choose and animal and they all learned what each color light means pretty quickly.


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