We’ve been having fun building roads in speech therapy this week! For this activity, I put pictures of /k/ and /g/ words on pieces of road. Image

After the student said his/her word correctly, he or she got to add the piece to our road.


It was very motivating for the kids because the road kept getting bigger and bigger! We had to work on the floor because our road quickly got too big for the table. After we had finished all the words, I let the kids drive cars over our road. Image

The kids asked to build another road in the next session and it was great because the road looked totally different the second time. There are lots of ways to build a unique road so my students won’t get bored with this activity. The students also had to work together and talk about where they thought the next piece should go, so it worked on their negotiation skills too. Some kids wanted to make the road go all the way across the room and others were more interested in taking the road under tables and chairs. The kid ended up getting extra practice with their /k/ and /g/ words during the negotiations because they would have to say “no, put the car piece over here” or “I think the girl should go under the table.” This was definitely a hit with my students! It got them up and moving and using their creativity. Plus, I got a lot of productions for each word.

You can download this Build-a-Road game at my teachers pay teachers store here: http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Expressly-Speaking

You get 36 /k/ words, 36 /g/ words and some blank road pieces so you can add your own words. This game is also available for /p/ and /b/. More sounds coming soon!


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