Many children will apraxia or other speech sound disorders need to practice the same combination of sounds many times before they can produce it correctly. These kids also need to practice many different combinations of consonants and vowels because each different combination changes the position of the articulators a little bit. Here is a new way to work on a lot of different Consonant-Vowel (CV) combinations! It’s a patterning activity where children will complete patterns of CV words. Each patterning board has the beginning of 5 different patterns. Here is an example of the /b/ board:Image

The words on the patterning board combines /b/ with a variety of different vowel sounds. The patterns start with just 2 different words and progress to using 3 different words. Children can use the patterning pieces to finish the pattern like this:Image

Then, the child can say the whole pattern if he/she is able to. If saying 6 CV words in a row is too difficult for the child, you can easily break it down into smaller pieces. The child can say two words together as you go through the pattern. In this example, it would be “bye-bee.” Then you can add more repetitions, like “bye-bee-bye-bee” until the child can say the whole pattern. It’s great practice for a child’s motor planning system! In the pattern board pictured above, only the vowels change and the consonant is always /b/. After the child has mastered changing vowels, you can move up to patterning boards where both the consonant and vowel changes: Image

In this example, the words are all bilabials. You could also create your own patterns by using the same patterning pieces that are used to finish a pattern in the photo of the /b/ board. You could create a wide variety of different patterns and even vary the consonant sounds across different placements. For example, you could make a pattern of “me-guy-toe-me-guy-toe” to challenge a child who is able to produce the mixed bilabial words pattern shown above. Here is an example of using the patterning pieces to make your own unique patterns:Image

This patterning set is available on my teachers pay teachers store:

Included in this download you will get:

page 2- /b/ patterns
page 3 – /p/ patterns
page 4- /m/ patterns
pages 5-6 mixed bilabial patterns
page 7- patterning pieces for bilabial pages
page 8- /t/ patterns
page 9- /d/ patterns
page 10- /n/ patterns
pages 11-12 mixed alveolar patterns
page 13- patterning pieces for alveolar pages
page 14- /k/ patterns
page 15 -/g/ patterns
pages 16-17 mixed velar patterns
page 18- patterning pieces for velar pages

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