I work on CVCV words a lot with my students that have speech sound disorders or apraxia. It’s a great next step after students are able to independently produce words with one consonant and one vowel (CV) words. It takes a lot of practice and repetition for some children to learn how to correctly say 2-syllable words. So, we end up practicing the same 20-30 words many times because there are only so many CVCV words that contain early-developing sounds. Plus, I try to always choose words that can be easily represented by pictures because I work with preschoolers and I want them to understand the words they are saying. I have created a Rainbow Mouse Game to make working on CVCV words more fun! For this game, there are mouse cards in 6 different colors. You get 6 mice for each of the different colors, so that’s 36 different CVCV words. The words contain a variety of different vowel sounds and the consonant sounds /b,p,m,h,w,n,t,d/. The words are organized by the sounds in the second syllable. All the words on the red cards end with “nee,” words on the yellow cards end with “doh” or “toh,” orange words end with “pee” or “bee,” green words end with “boh” or “poh”, blue words end with “dee,” and purple words end with “mee.” Here is what the red mouse cards look like:


To play the game, you cut apart all the rainbow mice cards, turn them upside down, and mix them up. Each child needs a paint splatter card that is kind of like a Bingo card. The goal is to get a mouse card to match each paint splatter. Here is what the paint splatter cards look like:


The student draws a card and says the CVCV word on the card (or a phrase or sentence that contains the word). If they need the color on their card, they get to keep the card and put it on the matching paint splatter. If they already have a mouse of that color on their card, they have to put the card back. The winner is the first person to get all 6 colors on their paint splatter card. There are also some special cards. There are mixed paint cards that give the student an extra turn and cat cards that mean the student has to put all his/her cards back in the pile.

You can download this game at my teachers pay teachers store here: http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Expressly-Speaking

Also in the download, you get an open-ended rainbow mouse game so that you can target your own CVCV words or any other skill.


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