I’m always looking for fun new activities to do with CVC words. We practice the words so many times and my preschoolers get tired of using the same cards. I’ve made an ice cream scoops game to target CVC words and my students really enjoyed it! The kids get to collect ice cream scoops as they say the words on each card. You can choose to put the ice cream scoops on top of a cone or in a bowl. My preschoolers loved seeing who could get the tallest cone or the fullest bowl! We counted the ice cream scoops after the game was over. There are 74 different CVC word cards included in the game! The words use the consonant sounds /b,p,m,w,h,t,d,n/ so they are great for kids who are working on early-developing sounds. Each word is paired with a picture- I always try to include pictures with my preschool speech games so that my kids can eventually say the word independently instead of imitating me.  I have color coded the ice cream scoops by the ending consonant sound so it’s easy to select target words for each student if you don’t want to work on all the sounds at once. I usually start with /p/ and /t/ because voiceless sounds seem easiest for many kids. Here’s the break down for the words included:

22 final /t/ words on pink ice cream scoops

10 final /d/ words on yellow ice cream scoops

13 final /p/ words on green ice cream scoops

15 final /n/ words on orange ice cream scoops

8 final /m/ words on purple ice cream scoops

6 final /n/ words on red ice cream scoops

Here are some pictures of the ice cream scoop cards:

bib_card bite_card hide_card map_card moon_card team_card

You get 6 cones and 6 bowls of different colors, so student get to decide what they want to do with their ice cream scoops.

cone yellow bowl

You can purchase this download at my teachers pay teachers store here: http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Expressly-Speaking


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