I’ve started making books with small photo albums for children with apraxia or severe speech sound disorders. I think these books are great for children that have a very limited sound repertoire and need to keep practicing the same 8-10 words many times. I got small photo albums for 1.00 each that look like this:

photo book 1

Then I print off some word cards for words that I want my students to practice at home. Sometimes I start with only 3-5 words cards and sometimes I start with a few more. It just depends on the student and the severity of the speech disorder. Here I put a couple cards from CVCV Rainbow Mouse game in the album to carry over the same practice words at home.

photo book

I send the book home with the student and ask the student’s family to read it every night. It fits nicely into a bed-time routine if families already read books. As the student makes progress, I just send home more word cards to add to the book. My students really like having their own speech book!


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