Here is a packet of spring-themed pronoun activities! You can use these activities to target receptive or expressive language skills.

The first activity is a pronoun picture board. The board contains different pictures of spring-themed boys and girls. You can read your student a sentence like “she is standing under an umbrella” and have your student find the picture that matches. There is both a boy and a girl for each descriptor. You could also use this board to target expressive skills by having one student tell another student which picture to find.  Here is what a section of the board looks like:


The next activity is pronoun flashcards. Have your students complete each sentence using the subject pronouns “he,” “she,” and “they.” There are 24 picture cards included in the download.


The third activity in the packet targets the object pronouns “him,” “her,” and “them.” You get pictures of 24 spring objects and a worksheet that helps your students make sentences like “I gave the _____ to ______” or “I gave the umbrella to her.” To use this activity receptively, you can use the provided prompts to help your students follow directions that contain pronouns and attributes. For example, “Give her the animals that has long ears and can hop.”


The last activity is a spring scene or barrier game. You get pictures of spring kids and a spring scene. You can give your student directions like “put him under the rainbow” or “put them between the trees.” You could also use this like a traditional barrier game and have your students construct sentences that contain pronouns to explain where they put each kid.

Pronoun_scene Pronoun_scene_pieces

You can download this packet on my teachers pay teachers store here:


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