I have a lot of students that are working on answering basic questions. I often decide to start with answering “what” questions about object functions, like “what do you do with a _______?” I like starting with this type of question because I can give the students gesture cues that help prompt the answer without actually having to say the answer or give them choices. For example, pretending to drink when you ask what you do with a cup or pretending to throw a ball when you ask what you can do with a ball. As students get better at answering questions, I add more complicated objects or prompt them to think of multiple uses for one object. I’ve made a Rainbow Mouse game that targets object functions. There are 42 object function cards included and I organized them into 7 different categories. Objects on the red mouse cards are toys, yellow cards are school supplies, orange cards are things at a birthday party, green cards are household items, blue cards are things outside, purple cards are body parts, and white cards are electronics. Here’s how you play the game:

1) Have each child choose a paint splatter card. They are similar to bingo cards.


There are six different paint splatter cards and the colors are in a different order on all the cards.

2) Cut out the object function cards and put them in a pile face down.

3) Have the first student choose a card and answer the question.

object_function_1 object_function_2

4) If the student has a paint splatter that matches the mouse, he/she gets to keep the mouse card and should put it on top of the matching paint splatter. If the mouse doesn’t match a paint splatter or the student already has a mouse of that color, he/she has to put the paint splatter back.

5) The first student to match all his/her paint splatters to a mouse is the winner!

There are also special cards that give students an extra turn or make students put their mice back.

paint_card_1 paint_card_2

You can download this game at my teachers pay teachers store here: http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Expressly-Speaking

I also have a Rainbow Mouse game that targets CVCV words. I hope you enjoy them both!


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