Here is an activity that I created to help my preschoolers use longer sentences. I use these sentence strips with kids that are working on making sentences with at least 4 words and are beginning to use some function words like articles and conjunctions. It’s been very successful! The sentences all follow a predictable structure to encourage students to construct the sentences independently by the end of the activity. For these spring sentences, I used the format “I see ______ in/on the _______.”  There are 12 different sentences included in the download.


I have my students touch each box with their finger as we say the sentences together. Then, I have them try the whole sentence independently. I will often simplify the sentences at first so that each box corresponds with one word. For example, “see chick in flowers” or “see frog on lily pad.” Then I gradually add more words. These sentence strips can be helpful for teaching spring vocabulary words too!

I have also used these sentence strips with kids who are working on using speech sounds in sentences. They tend to work especially well for kids who are working on the process of final consonant deletion. The kids learn the structure of the sentences and then they can practice their speech sounds in sentences without needing a model or relying on imitation.

You can download this activity for free at my teacherspayteachers store here:

Please leave me a comment or feedback if you download. Thanks!


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