A lot of my preschool boys really like monsters so I made this packet to work on a variety of language skills. First, there are 36 monster inference cards. The monsters are hungry and your students have to figure out what each one wants to eat! Each card gives 3-4 clues to describe a specific food item; your student has to figure out what food is being described.

monster_2 monster_1

You can use the picture cards included to give your students choices or see if they can think of the correct food without any picture cues.

monster_4 monster_3

The next part of the packet targets categories. There are 12 different category mats that describe what type of food the monster likes. The categories start more concrete like “fruits” and become more abstract like “things you eat with a spoon.” Your students have. to find all the foods that fit in that category (there are 36 food pictures included). I also like to have my students try to think of additional  foods that would fit in each category. You could also use this activity to help talk about similarities and differences because the foods fit multiple categories. So, you could talk about how both a lemon and banana go in the fruits category and the “things that are yellow category,” while cheese is yellow but not a fruit.

monster_5 monster_6

The last activity targets describing foods using attributes. On this worksheet, your students have a choose a food and describe it using 4 different attributes, After another students guesses the food correctly, you can let your student draw a picture of the food in the monster’s thought bubble. You can encourage your students to choose foods that are included in this packet or think of other foods to describe. There are 5 different monsters on the worksheets so that your students can choose their favorite.


You can download this packet at my teacherspayteachers store here: http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Monster-Inferences-Categories-and-Attributes

Al graphics from http://www.mycutegraphics.com and http://www.scrappindoodles.com


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