I am always looking for new games to play with my articulation/phonology kids. We practice the same sounds so many times, so I don’t want them to get bored. Here is a free Rainbow Mouse game for working on /k/ and /g/ words. There are 42 /k/ words included and 42 /g/ words (21 words for the initial position and 21 words for the final position). Each word is on a Rainbow Mouse Card- there are 7 different colors.

g_mouse k_mouse

There are also some special cards. There are paint splatter cards that mean your student gets an extra turn and cat cards that mean your student has to put all his/her cards back.

paint_card_1 paint_card_2

Here’s how you play the game:

1) Cut apart all the cards and put them face down in the middle of the table. You can play with all the cards together or use the /k/ and /g/ cards separately.

2) Have your student draw a card and say the word on the card. If he/she says it correctly, than he/she can keep the card. If your student draws a special card, have him/her follow the direction on the card.

3) Continue taking turns until the game is over. You can play this game so that the winner is the student with the most mouse cards or so that the winner is the first student to get one mouse of each color. My students like playing the game the second way because they enjoy trying to collect a mouse of each color.

You can download this game for free at my teachersspayteachers store here: http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/K-and-G-Rainbow-Mouse-Game-Freebie

All graphics from http://www.scrappindoodles.com


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