This week’s freebie is a set of flashcards that target outside vocabulary words. I have a lot of students with goals for increasing vocabulary words, and I think it’s always helpful to have a new set of vocab flashcards. I like to show my students as many different cards for each target word as possible so that they see real photos and cartoons. I want to make sure that my students aren’t only associating one specific picture with the target vocab word. So, hopefully you can use this set of outside words. There are 24 different pictures related to the weather, gardening, nature, and the playground. There are 3 sets of cards in this download. The first set contains only a color picture:


The second set of cards contains the same 24 pictures with the word also written on each card:


The third set contains the same 24 cards in black and white line drawings. I like to use this set to send home with parents because I think line drawings look more clear than printing color pictures in black and white. I made these cards smaller so that all the cards fit on 2 pages.


You can download these vocab cards for free at my teachers pay teachers store here:

All the graphics are from


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