I do this caterpillar activity every spring. It’s so easy to prep and can be adapted to work on almost any skill. Plus, my kids always really enjoy it. You just need neon dot stickers, a pen, and blank sheets of paper. I’ve found the dot stickers in the office supply section of wal-mart or target. They are usually only like $1.00 for a package. I start by showing the kids several different pictures of caterpillars and by talking about how some caterpillars are very long and have a lot of legs. Then I give each student a blank sheet of paper. After a child says his/her word,, describes a picture, answers a question, or performs whatever skill you are targeting, the child gets to choose a dot sticker and put it on the paper. You use the dots to make a caterpillar like this:


My students love seeing if they can make their caterpillar go all the way across the page. After you are done adding dots to the caterpillar, the students can draw faces and legs. My students will also sometimes add grass, flowers, or a sky to the picture. I hope you can use this activity in your speech room!


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