Summer is almost here! I always like to send home some suggested language activities for summer. I really like the calendar format, because then parents have one short activity to do each day. I think it breaks summer language homework into nice, manageable pieces. I’ve been super busy at school (as I’m sure you have been too), so I didn’t get these calendars posted quite as soon as I would have liked. Hopefully they will still be time-savers for you though!

There is a calendar for June, July and August. Each day has its own language activity. Most of the activities just take a few minutes and are designed to encourage overall language development. The activities are for younger kids- I created these calendars with preschoolers in mind, but I think they could easily be used with Kindergartners and possibly first graders as well. I chose a theme for each week and then chose activities and discussion questions to go along with the theme. I also included a sample letter to parents explaining the homework. You could ask parents to send the calendars back to you when school starts and give a prize to the children if they completed a certain number of activities each week.

Here is what the June calendar looks like:


The calendars are Microsoft Word templates and the graphics are from

You can download them for free at my teacherspayteachers store here:



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