I try to read a lot of non-fiction books with my preschoolers. It seems like non-fiction books are often overlooked for the preschool age group, but they can be great for teaching language skills.  I think one of the best things about using non-fiction books is that kids can learn a ton of new vocabulary words. There are usually a lot of different vocab words related to one theme (like a firetruck, zoo animals, etc) and oftentimes the vocab words aren’t words that the kids have been exposed to in every day life.  I also like that non-fiction books usually use real photographs, which I think helps my kids generalize what they see in the book to the real world. I use them to practice answering “wh” questions as well because it’s easy to ask kids novel questions about the new information from the book.

Some of my favorite non-fiction books are from the DK readers series. I think this series does a great job teaching new words and they even include pages at the back that review all the vocab words and show pictures of the targets. These books also have a plot, so it’s not just a bunch of facts that aren’t connected. For example, the first book below follows one Triceratops through it’s day. They’re also reasonably priced- all the books from this series that I saw on amazon.com were under $3.99.

Some of my favorites are Dinosaur’s Day


Diving Dolphin


and Big Machines



Do you like using non-fiction books in your speech therapy sessions?


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