Here is my newest articulation folder! For more detailed instructions on how to use my articulation folders, you can look at this post:

/v/ is called the “biting blowing noisy sound.” The pictures can be used to stimulate conversation about how it looks, feels, and sounds to produce /v/ correctly. Folders for 2 different sounds can be used together or in a group of children with different target sounds to compare and contrast the features of each.

The 3 features for /v/ are the following:

Biting– the picture shows the upper teeth biting the lower lip as they are when producing /v/.  Kids can compare the picture on the folder to their own lips in a mirror.

Blowing– A picture of bubbles was chosen to represent the blowing nature of /v/. You can talk about /v/ being a long sound and let the child see how long they can blow bubbles without stopping to reinforce the airflow necessary for producing /v/ and to contrast /v/ with stop-plosives.

Noisy– a picture of a drum is used to represent the voicing aspect of /v/. A drum was used because children will easily associate it with noise and because the tops of drums vibrate as the vocal folds do. Kids can feel a drum vibrate and feel their own larynx to help them understand this.


You can download this folder from my TPT store here:


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