I do a farm theme with my students every year and I always include Mrs. Wishy-Washy’s Farm by Joy Cowley and Elizabeth Fuller is great book to include in your farm theme. The book is about a trio of farm animals that run away to the city because they are tired of taking baths. The text rhymes and is appropriate for preschoolers and kindergartners. The illustrations are adorable and add to the humor of the book. You can buy this book on amazon for under $6.00 or I have also seen it in the scholastic book orders for preschoolers.

I have created a 51 page packet of activities to go along with Mrs. Wishy-Washy’s Farm. Some of the activities in this packet are directly related to the book and some could be used with any farm theme.

Pages 2-5: Comprehension Questions– 16 comprehension question cards with 3 pictures for answer choices.


Pages 6-8: Yes/No Questions about the story– 18 different comprehension questions with yes/no answers.


Pages 9-10: Vocabulary Cards – 12 different vocabulary pictures related to the story.


Pages 11- 16: Same/Different Worksheets– Students identify which picture is different or which two pictures are the same.     There are 6 different worksheets with farm-themed pictures.


Pages 17-18: Clean/Dirty Concept Cards- There are 8 different cards that help teach the concepts of “clean” and “dirty.”


Pages 19-23: Farm Animal Attributes– There are 18 different cards with attributes and 12 different farm animals. You can use the attribute mat on page 23 by putting one of the attribute cards in the small box at the top and then having your students put the appropriate farm animals in the large box at the bottom of the page.


Page 24: Open-ended Farm Game Board– You can use this game board as a reinforcer during a variety of different activities.

Pages 25-27: Dot Worksheets- You can use these 3 dot worksheets as a reinforcer while practicing a variety of different articulation or language skills.

Pages 28-30: Barrier Game– There is a farm scene and 10 different farm animals that can be placed on the scene. You can use this like a traditional barrier game or to practice following directions that contain prepositions.


Pages 31-33: Preposition Concept Cards: There are 18 different cards that target the positional concepts “over,” “under,” “beside,” “in front,” “behind,” “between.” You will get 3 different farm-themed pictures for each of the concepts listed. You can have your students describe where the animal is in the picture or have your students sort the cards by preposition. For example, have your students match all the animals that are “over” an object or all the animals that are “under” an object.


Pages 34- 37: Plural-s Practice– Have your students make sentences using the sentence strips “I have _____ ______ on my farm” or “I washed _____ _____.” Students can complete the sentences using the numbers “1” or “2” plus a corresponding picture of farm animals. For example, “I washed 2 pigs” or “I washed 1 cow.” There are 22 different animal pictures to be used to complete these sentences.

Pages 38- 48: Open-Ended Bath Game– Give each of your students a mat with pictures of 8 things that they would need in the bath (pages 38-42). Cut apart the picture cards on pages 43-48, turn them upside-down, and mix up the cards. Have your students choose a card and then perform their target skill the number of times that is indicated on the card. The student can then match that card to the corresponding picture on his/her mat. The winner is the first student to collect cards for all 8 items on his/her mat. There are also foil cards that require students to put 1 or 2 cards back.


Pages 49-51: Rhyming Words Matching Game– There are 12 different pairs of rhyming words from the text of the story on barn cards. You can cut apart the cards and play a memory game to have your students match the rhyming words.


Graphics from www.mycutegraphics.com and www.scrappindoodles.com

You can purchase this book companion at my TPT store here: http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Mrs-Wishy-Washys-Farm-Book-Companion-742180

Please note that the book is NOT included in the download.


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