I’m always looking for new pictures to target positional concepts.

Here are 30 pages of activities to teach positional concepts with a beach theme! The activities in this packet target the following 6 positional concepts: in front, behind, between, beside, under/below, over/above. Here’s a detailed look at what is included the packet:

Pages 2-17: Positional Concepts Flashcards- There are 4 color flashcards on each page, so you get a total of 64 flash cards! Each flashcard shows one of the target positional concepts (in front, behind, between, beside, under/below, over/above) using 2 different beach objects. The flashcards do not have the target positional word written on them in case you are using them with students that are able to read.



Pages 18- 21: Beach Kids Following Directions Activities- There is a mat with a picture of 2 kids at the beach as well as pictures of 24 different beach objects. You can have students follow directions such as “put the shell above the boy” or “put the crab beside the girl.” There are suggested prompts for 1-step and 2-step directions.

beach_3_001 beach_4


Pages 22-31: Positional Concepts Homework Pages- There are 10 different homework pages with black and white graphics so they are easy to just print off and send home.

  • There are four pages that show 2 pictures and ask a question such as “Which shovel is in front of the pail?” or “Which dolphin is beside the treasure chest?” There are 4 questions per page.


  • There are four pages that show 1 picture and ask students to use positional words to describe the location of an object. For example, “Where is the fish?” or “Where is the sea horse.” There are 6 questions per page.


  • There are 2 pages that show 1 picture and ask students to choose the correct positional word. For example, “Is the shovel over or under the shell?” or “Is the crab in front or behind the beach ball?” There are 6 questions per page.


All graphics from www.mycutegraphics.com and www.scrappindoodles.com

You can purchase this packet from my TPT store here: http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Beach-Themed-Positional-Concepts-Cards-749267


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    • Chrissy says:

      I just found your blog through TPT. I have a few of your items on my wishlist now and can’t wait to look around your blog more. Some of your ideas will work well with kids in my class who need speech help and with my EL students. Thanks!
      First Grade Found Me

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